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Colors Indoor/Outdoor

The custom pillows and cushions on the web site have a choice of upholstery quality fabric.
You can select the fabric on most pillows from a pull down box labeled "select cover", in the page of the product. If you are not certain about the way the color actually is, please request a swatch (email us at swatch@cushionsxpress.com ) of the color and we will gladly send it(up to 3 colors please). We also sell the fabrics by the yard online (look under fabrics on the side menu).

These are the color choices available for the decorative pillows and cushions:
(Click on the preview to see larger.)

 • INDOOR / OUTDOOR • .°.°.°.°- Solid Colours  .°.°.°.°

Sunbrella Canvas Black 5408-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Charcoal 54048-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Flax 5492-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Granite 5402-0000 Sunbrella Forest Green 5446-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Maize 5412-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Spa 5413-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Teal 5456-0000 Sunbrella Canavs Stone Green 5473-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Camel 5468-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Natural 5404-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Canvas 5453-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Iris 5702-0000 Sunbrella Echo Midnight 8076-0000 Sunbrella Heather Beige 5476-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Sapphire Blue 5452-0000 Sunbrella Canavs Pacific Blue 5401-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Navy Blue 5439-0000 Sunbrella Concord 6065-0000 Sunbrella Canavs Coral 5427-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige 5422-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Camel 5468-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Teak 5488-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Bay Brown 5432-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Walnut 5470-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Sunflower 5457-0000 Sunbrella CanvasTuscan 5417-0000 Sunbrella Logo Red 5477-0000 Sunbrella Jockey Red 5403-0000 Sunbrell Canvas Burgundy 5436-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Mineral Blue 5420-0000 Sunbrellas Canvas Air Blue 5410-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Sky Blue 5424-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Capri 5426-0000 Sunbrella Canvas True Blue 5499-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan 5417-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Rust 54010-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Terracota 5440-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Grenadine 48027-0000 Dash Crimson
Sunbrella Sailcloth Salt 32000-0018 Sunbrella Sailcloth Suntan32000-0007 Sunbrella Sailcloth Sienna 32000-0017 Sunbrella Canvas Cork 5448-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Paprika 5451-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Wheat 5414-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Vellum 5498-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige 5422-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Cocoa 5425-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Taupe 5461-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Hot Pink 5462-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Henna 5407-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Melon 5415-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Brick 5409-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Garnet 18003-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Coal 5489-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Graphite 48030-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Dove 48032-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Charcoal 54048-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Char 18009-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Parrot 5405-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Macaw 5429-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Palm 5421-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Fern 5487-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Turf 5447-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Bird Eye 5472-0000 Sunbrella Sailcloth Shore 320000-0003 Sunbrella Canvas Brass5484-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Buttercup 5438-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Sunflower Yellow 5457-0000
Sunbrella Heritage Papyrus 18006-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Wheat 18008-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Ashe 1800-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Mink 18005-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Granite 18004-0000
Sunbrella Canvas Aruba 5416-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Glacier 5428-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Basil 5443-0000 Sunbrella Frequency Ash 56092-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Denim 18010-0000    
Sunbrella Canvas White 57003-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Crimson 48035-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Capri 5426-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Dusk 5491-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Blush 57000-0000    
Sunbrella Spectrum Cilantro 48022-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Cayenne 48026-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Caribou 48083-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Denim 48086-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Sesame 48084-0000    
Sunbrella Spectrum Sand 48019-0000 Sunbrella Spectrum Peacock 48081-0000 Sunbrella Canvas Tangerine 5406-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Pumpkin 18007-0000 Sunbrella Heritage Leaf 18011-0000    
Sunbrella Echo Teak 8077-0000 Sunbrella Hybrid Smoke 42079-0000 Sunbrella Hybrid Sky 42078-0000 Sunbrella Surge Char 56086-0000 Sunbrella Surge Oak 56090-0000    
Sunbrella Echo Sangria 8080-0000 Sunbrella Frequency Sand 56094-0000 Sunbrella Surge Maize 56091-0000 Sunbrella Action Ash 44285-0001 Sunbrella Cast Ash 40428-0000    
Sunbrella Cast Lagoon 40456-0000 Sunbrella Cast Petal 40431-0000 Sunbrella Cast Slate 40434-0000 Sunbrella Surge Char 56086-0000 Sunbrella Surge Oak 56090-0000    

• INDOOR / OUTDOOR •    °¤~¤°  Strippes & Patterns   °¤~¤°

Sunbrella Linen Taupe 8374-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe/Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Linen Antique Beige 8322-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Sailcloth Sahara 32000-0016
Tan Pin Stripe Sunbrella Canvas Taupe 5461-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe-Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Linen Champagne 8300-0000 Sunbrella Rib Taupe-Antique Beige 7761-0000
Sunbrella Sunbrella Linen Straw 8314-0000 8314-0000 Sunbrella Renata Hemp 8005-0000 Sunbrella Regency Sand 5695-0000 Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige 5674-0000 Simone Rocco
Ghost Square Sunbrella Linen Natural 8304-0000 Sunbrella Rib Natural 7704-0000 Gold Pin Stripe Linen Pampas 8317-0000
Dark Plump Linen Sumbrella Solano Fiesta 56098-0000 Sunbrella Accord Koi 45922-0001 Sunbrella Gateway Mist 58039-0000 Sunbrella Accord Jade 45922-0000
Medium Green Texture T Tangerine T Grass T Red T Caribbean
Blue Green Texture Sunbrella Astoria Lagoon 56096-0000 Sunbrella Fischer Sunset 45885-0001 Sumbrella Peyton Granite 56075-0000 Green Violet Stripe
Sunbrella Astoria Sunset 56095-0000 Sunbrella Linen Canvas 8353-0000 Gray Square Gray & Blue Gray Multi Bar
Silver & Green Silver & Gray Sunbrella Linen Silver 8351-0000 Mocha Rib Sunbrella Wyndham Mocha 8036-0000
Checker Board Brass Black Sunbrella Steeplechase Malibu 56064-0000 Antique Beige Stripe Sunbrella Mediterranean/Canvas Block Stripe 4921-0000
Fall Rain Spring Rain Melbourne Parrot Chenillela Brick Sunbrella Seville Seaside 5608-0000
Rainbow Dots Sunbrella Rainbow Stripe Gray Bar Choco Green Sunbrella Linen Straw 8314-0000 Sunbrella Linen Champagne 8300-0000
Sunbrella Brisque Brown 4773-0000 Resonance Mohogany Sunbrella Dash Walnut 8032-0000 Sunbrella Dash Redwood Discontinued Brown Square
Soft Deco Red Sunbrella Linen Chili 8306-0000 Burgundy Tiger Orange Avenue Dark Violet Pin Stripe
Light Blue Stripe Blue Pin Stripe Dark Blue Pin Stripe Kohola Stripe Sunbrella Violeatta Baltic 45760-0002
Sunbrella Berenson Toxedo 8521-0000 Sunbrella Dorsett Autumn 5698-0000 Red White Blue Stripe Red White Green Sunbrella Bravada Limelite 5602-0000
Spice Brass Vintage Sunbrella Bravada Salsa 5601-0000 Dimone Rainforest Sunbrella Dimone Sequoia 8031-0000 Sunbrella Weston Ginger 56005-0000
Sunbrella Foster Classic 56050-0000 Sunbrella Davidson Walnut 5606-0000 Sunbrella Davidson Redwood 5606-0000 Manchester Classic Terracotta Jungle
Sunbrella Foster Metalic 56051-0000 Sunbrella Elliot Wren 5610-0000 Mesmerize Oak Moreno Terrace Ruby Red Garden
Amazon Brown Light Red Buds Minty Green Garden Silver Garden Spring Garden
Pierette Franco Vermillion Sunbrella Dolce Mango 56000-0000 Sunbrella Dolce Oasis 56001-0000 Hardwood Crimson Hardwood Peridot
Key West Aqua Sunbrella Carnegie Celeste 8065-0000 Sunbrella Brannon Whisper 5621-0000 Cassisdy Goldenrod Sunbrella Cassidy Pebble 56068-0000
Big Green Stripe Random Green Stripe Green Checkerboard Blue Stripe Big Blue Stripe
Sunbrella Maxim Cocoa 5626-0000 Sunbrella Hardwood Cocoa 5604-0000 Light Blue Stripe Sunbrella Dupione Oak 8057-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Stone 8060-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Pearl 8010-0000 Sunbrella Rib Antique Beige 7761-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Sand 8011-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Latte 8066-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Walnut 8017-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Nectarine 8064-0000 Sunbrella Marcello Sunset 40236-0009 Sunbrella Dupione Caramel 8059-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Henna 8056-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Papaya 8053-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Aloe 8068-0000 Dupione Sea Foam Sunbrella Dupione Paradise 8050-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Peridot 8024-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Palm 8052-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Laurel 8015-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Deep Sea 8019-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Celeste 8067-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Maize 8014-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Galaxy 8016-0000
Sunbrella Dupione Dove 8069-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Bamboo 8013-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Cornsilk 8012-0000 Sunbrella Dupione Crimson 8051-0000 Sunbrella Villete Rococco 45155-0004  


 • VINYL • .°.°.°.° Leather Imitation  .°.°.°.°

Miami White Venezuelan White Beige Venezuelan Light Brown Venezuelan
Burgundy Navy