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12 x 16" Color Fabric Covered Travel Pillow (Polyester Fiber Filler)



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12 x 16" Pillow covered with a zippered Microsuede or velvet suede cover. Inside the zippered cover there is a fabric insert that is filled with your choise of synthetic polyester fiber. You can select from the follwoing: a very soft conjugated extra slick hollow poly that is smooth and light after being processed on our state of the art equipment that opens the fiber close to 100%. This fiber is extra smooth and light. Feel: very soft, very bouncy, resilient, smooth and durable. PERMA SOFT Polyester Travel Pillows are filled with Perma Soft hypoallergenic fiber.

PERMA SOFT: Conjugated-slick polyester fiber, extremely soft, very bouncy, light, and very resilient. Smoother than the soft, and more durable. Ideal for a throw pillow , floor pillow, and will stand up to use.  If you want an outdoor pillow use this fiber with the non woven fabric cover (non woven does not promote the growth of mold or bateria).

FAUX DOWN: This is the closest immitation to down that we have. It is intended for people who want the feel of synthetic down, but are allergic to down.(Can also be used for outdoor pillow inserts with the non woven cover).

CLUSTER POLY: It is a very resilient and long lasting polyester made into tiny "soft balls" size of beans or clusters of fiber. It can rearrange it-self inside the pillow making it similar to down and feather. It is very, very durable and is used primarily in bed pillows where durability and comfort are a must. It is soft and bouncy and it is one of the most durable fibers on the market today. Feel: soft, bouncy, the most durable poly fiber we have, good for long lasting bed pillows